Winter Is Coming – Time to Butter Up

With Winter not too far away, the days are getting cooler, there’s less moisture in the air and the showers get hotter.

The colder temperatures can result in dry, itchy or irritated skin so we need to ensure that we keep hydrated inside and out.

Its time to upgrade from Lotion to Butter

As you know body lotion and body butter are skin care products that moisturize our skin. The main difference between them is that body butter is more suited for people with extremely dry skin as it is a much more intense moisturizer.

Body butter is made using essential butters such as macadamia, mango or cocoa, as well as carrier oils such as coconut or dilo.  Body butter is also a lot thicker and  more viscous than body lotion and you’ll find that it lasts a lot longer than body lotion, giving your body all day hydration.

You’ll find most Body Lotions are made from carrier oils such as coconut, almond, dilo as well as water or aloe vera.

At Summer Elisabeth Day Spa we pride ourselves on having an immense selection of beautiful Body Butters and Lotions from the Pure Fiji Range. Their thick and creamy butters will keep you moisturised and hydrated all day, and you’ll be smelling like you’ve just returned from a tropical island holiday. With 13 different infusions you’re sure to find a favorite.

For those that prefer an unscented Body Butter or Lotion, we have the Organic Spa Body Butter and Lotion.

Quick Tip #1 Dont just rely on body butter or lotion to keep you hydrated, water intake in Winter is just as important as it is in Summer.


  • Creates a skin-barrier and protects the skin
  • Prevents moisture loss from the skin
  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Provides support from harsh weather conditions (wind, cold)
  • Promotes soft and smooth skin


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