Vitamin C Serum


Using vitamin C topically helps skin look glowing and luminous, as if you regularly get eight hours of sleep. Vitamin C helps build collagen as well, which leads to firmer skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect the face from harmful free radicals.



Vitamin C (also known as L-ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient for higher primates and other minor organisms. It is a vitamin found in food and an acidity regulator for antioxidants and preservatives.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps plants resist drought, ozone and UV rays. Vitamin C protects plants from harmful side effects in photosynthesis.

Vitamin C is the key to promoting the synthesis of collagen by the skin, and collagen is a good thing for the skin. The skin’s elasticity and tenderness cannot be separated from it. Anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet are the basic functions of antioxidants. If the content of vitamin C exceeds 3% in cosmetics, then it can reduce the pigmentation and whiten the skin.