Hyaluronic Acid


So passionate about this amazing ‘Fountain of Youth’ that we had to create our own.

The Summer Elisabeth Day Spa Hyaluronic Acid will restore vitality and enhance hydration.

Use after cleansing morning and night under your daily moisturiser.



Hyaluronic acid itself is one of the components of human dermal tissue. It is widely present in the intercellular substance, can exist normally in the body, and can be completely absorbed by the body. It is currently a clinically widely used filling material. Inject it into the dermis depression, or the part that wants to be plump, to immediately achieve wrinkle removal and face modification. Seekers can choose to use different types of hyaluronic acid according to different parts.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is also a moisturising factor for the skin. It has the ability to absorb 500-1000 times the volume of water and is a strong moisturising substance in the world. Eye drops, humectants, and high-end cosmetics all contain this ingredient.