Unveil the South Pacific’s beauty secret with our Coconut Sugar Rub, a remarkable two-in-one treatment. Infused with Dragonfruit Seed Oil, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and abundant in Vitamin C, this luxurious body polish stimulates collagen production, revealing naturally plump, smooth, and radiant skin. Combining raw sugar cane’s alpha hydroxy agents with moisturizing virgin coconut and organic seed oils, this award-winning treatment enhances your skin’s rejuvenation, unveiling a vibrant, glowing complexion.


Skin microbiota is now definitively known as a healthy skin guardian. It acts as a first skin protective barrier due to a natural equilibrium between beneficial and detrimental microorganisms. In healthy skin, this balance leans towards beneficial strains, limiting the growth of detrimental ones. Its imbalance can lead to a disrupted skin barrier and result in dull, dry and irritated skin. Due to its high-level nutrients, Dragonfruit is a prebiotic solution to strengthen or rebalance skin microbiota. Natural solution to promote the appearance of radiant, healthy- looking skin. Boosts natural skin protection against the aggressions of daily life.