Indulge in the refreshing and rejuvenating experience of our Coconut Milk Shower Gel. Formulated with gentle cleansers derived from coconut and sugar cane, this luxurious gel effortlessly removes impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and revitalized. Enriched with Dragon Fruit Extract, it not only cleanses but also works to rebalance your skin’s microbiome and strengthen its natural barrier. Immerse yourself in the nourishing and replenishing benefits of our Coconut Milk Shower Gel for a truly invigorating shower experience.


Skin microbiota is now definitively known as a healthy skin guardian. It acts as a first skin protective barrier due to a natural equilibrium between beneficial and detrimental microorganisms. In healthy skin, this balance leans towards beneficial strains, limiting the growth of detrimental ones. Its imbalance can lead to a disrupted skin barrier and result in dull, dry and irritated skin. Due to its high-level nutrients, Dragonfruit is a prebiotic solution to strengthen or rebalance skin microbiota. Natural solution to promote the appearance of radiant, healthy- looking skin. Boosts natural skin protection against the aggressions of daily life.