Enjoy all-day hydration with our Hydrating Body Mist. This refreshing spritz features amazing pure leaf water, bursting with potent anti-oxidants to deeply hydrate, nourish, and shield your skin, ensuring long-lasting moisture for up to 24 hours. Infused with the exceptional benefits of dragon fruit extract, a powerful prebiotic ingredient, it restores balance to your skin’s microbiome and strengthens its protective barrier, unveiling supple, radiant skin that exudes vitality. Enhance your skincare routine by using it as a skin prep before applying your favourite lotion or body butter.


Skin microbiota is now definitively known as a healthy skin guardian. It acts as a first skin protective barrier due to a natural equilibrium between beneficial and detrimental microorganisms. In healthy skin, this balance leans towards beneficial strains, limiting the growth of detrimental ones. Its imbalance can lead to a disrupted skin barrier and result in dull, dry and irritated skin. Due to its high-level nutrients, Dragonfruit is a prebiotic solution to strengthen or rebalance skin microbiota. Natural solution to promote the appearance of radiant, healthy- looking skin. Boosts natural skin protection against the aggressions of daily life.